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Nan Kun Shan Ju Hot Spring Resort

Grammar questionnaire


1.Q: What are the regional characteristics of Nankunshanju Hot Spring Resort?
A: Nankunshanju Hot Spring Resort is a resort hotel under Huizhou Junli Chuangzhan Industrial Co., Ltd. which integrates business, leisure, vacation and health care. The hotel consists of four buildings, of which building A is three floors high (hotel lobby, lobby bar, shopping mall, Chinese and western cafeteria, wine cigar bar, administrative office area, kitchen), building B is 4 floors high (rooms), and building C is high 4th floor (gym, outdoor swimming pool, mahjong room, foot bath, SPA, multi-function banquet hall, guest room), D building is 5 stories high (small outdoor hot spring pool, guest room), mainly for leisure health, family vacation, quality service.
2. Q: What is the scale of Nankunshanju Hot Spring Resort and where is it located?
A: The total area of ​​the resort: 90,000 square meters, building height: 5 floors, with 470 parking spaces in the underground parking lot;
Nankunshanju Hot Spring Resort is located in Longmen Shayu, Huizhou City, Guangdong Province. The exit of Guanghe Expressway Shaye Station is about 800 meters to the right; it is adjacent to Guangzhou, Dongguan, 60 minutes' drive from Guangzhou Airport and downtown, and only two and a half in Shenzhen and Hong Kong It is about an hour's drive and the transportation is convenient.
3. Q: Which company group does Nankunshanju Hot Spring Resort belong to? When will it open?
A: Nankunshanju Hot Spring Resort is a resort hotel under Huizhou Junli Chuangzhan Industrial Co., Ltd. which integrates business, leisure, vacation and health. The resort plans to start trial on February 6, 2016.
4.Q: Which property company does Nankunshanju Resort cooperate with?
A: The investor registered Huizhou Yicheng Property Management Co., Ltd., and invited Guangzhou Zengcheng International Trade Property Co., Ltd. to assist in management. It is a 3A property company.
5.Q: What are the components of Nankunshanju Hot Spring? What kind of configuration is there?
A: Nankunshanju Hot Spring consists of townhouses, hotel apartments, wetland parks and other ancillary facilities. The second phase will also have high-end single-family villas on the mountain side; all are built in a style combining Southeast Asian style and Chinese festival culture. SPA, small outdoor hot spring pool, tennis court, gymnasium, outdoor swimming pool, mahjong room, shopping mall, Chinese and western combination cafeteria and other super five-star hotel-like supporting facilities for owners and residents to enjoy
6. Q: How much is the price of Nankunshanju Hot Spring Holiday Villa? What is the hot spring like?
A: The hot spring holiday villa is not yet priced. The products are mainly built with high-quality housing and high investment value. The average price of Poly real estate and R & F real estate around the project is around 15000 ~ 16000. The project has rich natural hot spring resources, belonging to sulfur, weakly acidic simple hot springs. The spring water contains hydrogen sulfide. Bathing and bathing with this spring water can soften the stratum corneum of the skin to achieve beauty, and have detoxifying and detoxifying effects. Hot spring water, which has a good assisting effect on patients with hypertension and arteriosclerosis, requires additional payment. The hot spring water fee for surrounding hot spring properties is about 20 ~ 30 yuan / cubic, and the specific price of our project has not been determined for the time being.
7.Q: What are the attractive properties of villas in Nankunshan Hot Spring?
A: Our Nankunjuju Hot Spring Holiday Villa has a long-term property right of 70 years. It has a complete set of supporting facilities for leisure and living. The investment value is very high. You can choose 100% investment income in various ways. The methods are: 3 ~ 5 years. Anti-leasing model, annual fixed return income; entrusted management operations, can be divided into fixed profit income and share profit income.
8.Q: How many villas are there? How long is the property right?
A: There are a total of 236 villas in three types, with 115 units of three-family F units, each with a building area of ​​203 square meters; 67 units of four-room G units, each with a building area of ​​312 square meters and G ′. There are 54 units, each of which has a building area of ​​358 square meters, all with 70-year long property rights.
9.Q: What is the environment of the restaurant? What are the characteristics?
A: The restaurant is luxurious and elegant in design. The Chinese-Western buffet restaurant can accommodate 400 people. Dishes are made of natural ingredients from Longmen and Nankunshan, as well as authentic Hakka and Cantonese dishes, and offer unlimited gourmet buffets and scattered spots. The chef will carefully select fresh ingredients for all guests. Efforts are made to reduce the fat content of each dish, retain its nutritional components and the original taste of the materials to the greatest extent, without adding any artificial colors and flavor enhancers.
10.Q: Is the villa sold outside? What is the decoration style?
A: The villa real estate plans to open for sale in March. The style of the villa is a sunken first-floor entertainment function room. The two-story living room and den are on the ground floor. The rooms are around 40 square meters. , The clever use of solid wood decoration shows luxury and fashion.
11. Q: What promotional activities are there during the trial operation of the hot spring resort hotel?
A: During the trial period until March 1, 2016, the price of all superior rooms in B and C is unified to 1680. The room includes two breakfasts.
Give two dinners; if you need to increase the number of people, you will be charged 20% off the normal price.
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